Sunday, July 14, 2013

European Tour, part 1

Groggy and with heavy legs, I arrived in Hasselt, Belgium for the start of my European tour.  A 5k in the neighboring town of Heusden was on the docket, and after three rather sleepless nights attempting to adjust to the time change, I toed the line.  After about 600 meters, my body was not responding well and I knew it would be a long night.  Finding myself in the front of a train of runners, I desperately tried to keep the pace honest, hoping that I would start feeling better and blow the cobwebs out of the system.  "Relax the shoulders, find a rhythm, relax the shoulders, find a rhythm" chanted throughout my head.  But the body was anything but relaxed.  The rest of the race did not fair any better,  but somehow, the body kept moving.  With a lap to go, I was able to muster enough strength to close hard and finish third in a new personal best of 13:11.  Shocked that I was able to run that time based on how I felt, I know that there is a lot more to take off this year.  I just hope to be able to find the right race to run it in.  Looks like I have only one possible race before the break for World Championships- a 5k in Monaco- that promises to be fast enough, but getting my name on the starting list is proving to be a difficult task.  If no Monaco, my European tour will take a hiatus and I will return to New Hampshire for a few weeks before a second trek across the pond to race a few more late summer meets.  So for the moment, I am in another waiting period, waiting for the green light to race the race I want.  So here is to the future of waiting, and hopefully getting another chance at running the times I know I can.

Until next time,