Sunday, June 30, 2013

Taking it easy

Last week things did not quite go to plan.  The plan was to qualify for the Track and Field World Championships this summer in Moscow, and to do that, I needed to run the world “A” standard and to finish in the top three at US Nationals.  I was able to run both the 10k and 5k “A” standard earlier this spring, so when I arrived at US Nationals in Des Moines, Iowa, the end all goal was to finish within the top three.  Unfortunately, this was a task that I was not able to do, coming up short- twice, with two fourth place finishes.  While the two races played out differently, with one loss easier to swallow than the other, the fact remained that I fell short of my goal.  So, I have decided to return to New Hampshire to rest and refocus for a few weeks before heading over to Europe for the summer racing circuit, eager to prove that not all is lost.

And there is where today comes in.  Resting, recovering and refocusing in style.  After a short sixteen mile morning long run, I spent the afternoon hacking, slicing, and duffing my way around the Quechee golf course.  Playing on one of the nicest golf courses in New England is always a treat, and playing on an empty back-9 is nothing short of bliss.  And after golf?  Nothing refuels the body like a Worthy Burger.  A train-depot-turned-burger-joint where kilt clad men grill local grass-fed beef on wood-fired grills to utter perfection.  Not a bad way to refresh the mind.

Now time to sleep, wake up, and start a new week and new month with new eyes.  Back to the grind, slowly chipping away one day at a time, with eyes ahead onto the next race, the next meet, the next goal.

Until next time,