Sunday, June 2, 2013

A middle school “Track Meet”

With the absence of a nearby track facility, my after school spring running program has been strictly that, running.  But throughout this spring, I decided to teach various track and field events to the runner’s of Indian River, to expose them to all aspects of the sport.  The kids have loved learning the different events, and it was great to watch as the runners realized that there is a lot more to track and field than just distance running. 

The beauty of track and field is that there is an event for everyone.  Watching the kids gravitate to either the throws or jumps, or become excited by aspects of hurdling and sprinting, only shows the power of track and field as all encompassing.  And so while there wasn’t a track or official implements for the kids to use, for the last practice of the year, I devised our very own mini track meet.

The meet consisted of five events, a modified track pentathlon.  First, the kids raced the 50 meter low-hurdles in a head-to-head, single elimination bracket.  After this, we moved to the 60 meter sprint, in similar format.  Following the running events, we transitioned to the shot put, tossing a weighted bocce ball.  From the throws, we headed to the sandpits for long jump and triple jump.

While practices are now over, two more road races are left on the schedule, giving the runners a few final chances to race before summer break.  And with the kids beginning their summer vacations, my sights switch from coach to athlete, and I look to make my final preparations for the races ahead.

Until next time,