Sunday, April 7, 2013

The last of the oranges

With the snow melting and temperatures raising in the Upper Valley, it is time to load up the car, pick the last of the citrus, and return home.  The end of winter means the return to the quiet serenity of New Hampshire and the farewell to blue hairs and planned communities of central Florida.  Boy am I excited.  While Florida has been warm- devilishly hot at times- and an escape from the running misery that is wintertime in New England, I have longed for my return almost as long as I have been away.  But for some reason, the powers to be seem to want delay my return even longer.  The culprit: a major oil leak in my truck and sole mode of transport north.  Great.  But never fear, the delay will be but momentary.  

However, through all my complaining, and the monotony of a thousand miles run on a single ten mile stretch of dirt road, my training this winter has been productive.  The endless miles lay a base for the season to come and stands for a testament that you can train anywhere if you set your mind right.  With only a few hundred miles to go before I get back to the bliss of New Hampshire, I will put my head down and finish the final touches of my winter prep and get ready for the start of track.

Until next time,