Sunday, February 10, 2013

Avoiding Nemo

With alleged snow accumulations toppling thirty inches in much of the northeast, I was lucky enough to escape to the warmth of Florida in just the nick of time.  After flying home from St. Louis a week ago today, I spent less than twenty hours at home before Sarah, Otzi and I packed up the truck and began our drive to Clermont, FL where we will be based for the rest of the winter.  

Leaving home for an extended training camp is always tough (especially for a homebody like myself), so it is important to make sure to bring things that make your new residence feel a bit more like home.  For me, this was my one-hundred pound ball of fur and drool named Otzi, my burr coffee grinder, aeropress and last but definitely not least, Sarah.  We broke the fifteen-hundred mile journey over three days so that we could continue to train along the way, stopping at various state parks to be able to run on trails and escape (however momentarily) the drone of the interstates and highway madness.  Food is always a difficult subject when in comes to travel.  How easy would it be to be the Otz-man and only need to pack his forty pound bag of feed to nourish his invigorating hunger for a month.  Alas, Sarah and I are “foodies” and repulsed by the grime found off highway exits.  This lead us to pack shopping bags worth of road food as well as cause us to make wild and lengthy detours in search of proper meals.  Luckily, with only a touch of turbulence, we were successful.

Now that our road trip is behind us, we are settled into Clermont and sipping on fresh orange juice.  The weather has been great, the running plentiful, and I have had more running partners in the past three days than I have had in the previous three months.  I look forward to finally getting into shape, stockpiling on Vitamin D, and avoiding getting eaten by gators.  And I might even try to get some sprinting lessons from Tyson Gay.

Until next time,


Floridian dirt roads- mile of orange groves on one side, cattle on the other.

One of my training partners running a sub 3:30 mile today.