Sunday, December 30, 2012

Another year older, another year... wiser?

Yesterday was my 27th birthday. Yup, I'm officially getting old. I celebrated the day, amidst the falling snow of the most recent storm, with mile repeats on the indoor track and a trip to the town dump.  And, instead of the traditional indulgence of lavish cakes or delectable sweets, I had baked oatmeal- replete with candles of course. So yes, I’m officially getting old. But never fear, I am still young at heart and recipient of one particularly amazing gift from my sister, which should surely awake my inner child- in all it's shrieking cries and pant wetting aspects.  The gift?  She somehow convinced (I have no idea how) someone that it would be a good idea to allow me, yes me, access to a NASCAR race car and unleash me full throttle at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon.  My only fear is that after throwing myself at high speeds around the Magic Mile, I might just find the speeds of running to be inadequate and make a full-fledged attempt to start up my own car racing team at the Canaan Speedway (trust me, this isn't as far off as it might sound- plans to do so have been in the works for years).  Although, until such time, I have other things to focus on.  Most timely, a little race in Houston, TX which I will be running in a few weeks.  I will be competing in the Houston Half Marathon, a daunting task seeing as though it will be my first race over ten miles in length, but it should be a good test for the year to come; to see just where this old guy's fitness is going into 2013.  Now before everyone gets excited, I have no intention of moving up in distance, and no desire for the marathon for years to come.  I still believe that I have a lot to accomplish on the track in the 5k and 10k, and I am merely using this race as a stepping stone into the new year.  For this year I am ready to reach new heights, speeding my way around the track at dizzying speeds, lap after lap, on both spikes and Goodyears.  So hold on tight, as it is sure to be a very good year.

Until next time,