Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ahh... Wintertime in the UV

The carols are streaming on Pandora, snow is covering the ground and the Christmas lights are twinkling in our windows.  This can only mean two things: it’s wintertime in the UV and time to shed the extra layers and escape to the southwest for the warmth and the safety of iceless roads.  While my departure to sun will only be a momentary reprieve from the chill this time around, a longer escape will occur after the holidays.  My time bundling up for runs will hopefully be numbered and the careless injury of last year’s ice and the devilish indoor track eluded.  That is not to say I will be completely impervious from my clumsy self (e.g. my broken toe in the fall of 2010) or avoidable misfortunes.  The latest, and one which I am currently suffering from, stems from misguided (but well-intended) medical care.  It happened a few days ago, when stretching in the evening after finishing my secondary run, that I felt that I needed my back adjusted.  There is nothing like that satisfied feeling of needing your back cracked, and hearing those snaps, crackles and pops as it snaps back into alignment.  Well, unfortunately this time my back did not want to cooperate.  With reluctant (yet slightly... aggressive) aid from Sarah, things did not improve.  The following day my back began to tighten.  Nothing major, just typical tight muscles at the end of a long day.  I scheduled a massage to get it worked on and thought none the wiser.  Then, doomsday arrived.  I awoke the next morning groggy from the poor night’s sleep.  The back yelled the entire night at my every toss and turn.  The day’s workout was a long tempo run.  After a slow warm up, the back began to loosen and I was ready to run.  Things felt fine, the back compliant, and the legs began to move- right up until a minute in, I could feel my entire back spasm and lock up, knocking the wind out of me and jolting me to a halt.  I tried to walk.  Nope.  I waited, unsure of what just happened.  After a few minutes I was able to walk (although restricted).  Later still I was able to slowly jog (although with much pain).  I hobbled around, gritting my teeth, hoping the back would loosen up.  Nope.  I made it back to the car and drove home.  Changing out of my workout clothes was excruciating.  I immediately drove to my chiropractor, who luckily was able to see me on such short notice (thanks Hank!).  An adjustment and massage later, constant icing, and NSAIDs, the back is now livable.  I can even run again- although a process of heating, compression and balms are involved to loosen/numb the back enough to get me out the door.  But (hopefully) the incident has been resolved and further complications avoided.  So off to the warmth tomorrow, where I can stay away from ice and snow and only have to protect myself from... myself.

Until next time,