Sunday, October 21, 2012


Yesterday was the New Hampshire middle school state meet.  Hundreds of kids in 5th-8th grade toed the line to race, slip, and slop their way around the muddy two mile course.  Indian River School had seven brave women and three men battle it out to great results.  With shoes soaked and weighing ten pounds, the kids were able to keep a smile on their faces and compete with the best in the state.  The race marked the end of this year’s fall cross-country season.  It was a great fall, with twenty eager kids meeting three days a week excited to run and compete.  For the first time kids were asking for hard workouts, excited for intervals and relishing in the ability to do sprints.  To be able to coach and work with such great kids actually gave me energy and made the second run of the day that much easier.  As for me, with the end of practice, my attention now returns to my own training.  It has finally become the time of the year to put the head down and slog through the miles, building strength and efficiency for the spring and summer ahead.  I have begun running more miles than I ever had before.  Its funny.  Back in high school running twenty to thirty miles a week I thought I worked hard.  Then when I went to college and began running hard workouts, I struggled to maintain fifty to sixty miles a week.  It seemed unfathomable to be able to run higher mileage while still incorporating intervals and hard efforts.  Today, I run twice that, completing workouts I never thought possible before- and yet, it now seems so normal.  It is amazing the adaptions and progression the human body can make.  I can only imagine what my training will be in another few years,  when I am ever stronger than I am today.  This ability to break through barriers, push the body and mind to new levels is what training is all about.  So through this fall and winter my head will be down, finding the limit I once thought insurmountable and making it mundane- the norm and continue to progress forward.

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The Ladies on the starting line getting ready

Women are off!

Start of the guy's race (IRS are the ones in light blue)

IRS runner, Dakota, racing strong