Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fall in New Hampshire

Autumn in New Hampshire is slowing creeping upon us.  Every night the temperature drops and every morning the crisp air threatens that this might be the day when the mercury refuses to rise and the jackets and hats are pulled out from storage.  This is my favorite time of the year for training.  Long easy miles in the cooler mornings, followed by the warmth of day, and perfect sleeping weather at night, evoking the memories of high school and college cross-country and the simple joys of running.  While no longer competing for a cross-country team myself, I yet again have the privilege to work with the kids of Indian River Middle School and coach them to another great season of running.  Beginning the last week of August, I have begun coaching twenty-three middle schoolers three days a week.  Being able to return to the program I helped start last year and see the familiar faces (now the old pros) help the timid beginners through form drills and practices has been great.  And not to start off slowly, we just completed our first race of the season- after only three practices.  Green, might be the word to describe many of the runners as they toed the line still not quite sure what they got themselves into, but they persevered nonetheless to great results.  With five more races throughout the fall, I only hope to see their confidence rise, their smiles widen, and their times drop each time out.  For fall is the time for cross-country, the time to fall in love with running, and the time to embrace the last remaining days of warmth.

Until next time,