Sunday, March 25, 2012

Back in the USA

My travels to the land down under finally came to an end and I made the long trek back to the Upper Valley last week.  It feels good to be back in familiar training grounds and with the help of a bizarre early spring heat wave, all the trails are open and dry.  The grill has already been fired up and the bocce set has been dusted off and put to good use- there is nothing better than a little recreating to enjoy the transition to spring.
Now that I am healthy and injury free, it is time to put the nose back to the grindstone and begin my prep for my next major race- my second attempt at the 10k on the track.  Last year, in my debut, things did not go well.  A combination of illness, inadequate rest, and the strange conundrum of being “too fit” for my own stubborn good (resulting in unknowingly overreaching in workouts) culminated in a disappointing finish and an eventual visit to the hospital.  This year, I hope to learn from my mistakes and toe the line ready to run the race I know that I can.  The race is a little over a month away at Stanford University, giving me plenty of time to recoup what I lost due to my strained soleus.
With the sun out, trails open and calf healed, I am beginning to itch to be able to get the season underway.  This is a year with a lot on the line and every day I become more and more excited to see where I stack up.  It's going to be a good year.
Until next time,