Sunday, February 26, 2012

Eating Kanga and Hanging with Roo

Well, I survived the 36 hours of travel (barely) and have been enjoying the sunshine and running in Australia’s capital city.  Located amongst hundreds of miles of wide dirt trails, the running in Canberra has been amazing.  Combine that with the warm weather and my calf being on the mend, things are going pretty well.  My only complaint has to be about Canberra’s lack of tracks.  While virtually every school and playing field has cages for the discus, rings for shot put, runways for the javelin, and pits for long and triple jump- there is only one track in all of Canberra, located at the Australian Institute of Sport, and it is open to the public for a few limited hours each day.  Oh well, at least the immaculate cross-country course and thousands of trails more than make up for it.

It has been amazing to be able to see all of the little critters that make Australia famous.  My runs are inundated with mobs of wild kangaroos hip-pity-hopping from place to place.  And while I have yet to see any emus- kookaburras are constantly laughing at me, the crimson rosella parrots are stunning, magpies are everywhere and the horrid screech of the sulphur-crested cockatoo is deafening.  While all these critters are great to be able to see in the wild, usually they are even better in my belly, and as such, I have been on a quest to eat as many of them as possible.  Wild rabbit, prawns and kangaroo have already been consumed, and emu and crocodile are next.
The training has also been going well.  I have now put in two solid weeks of running only (wow!) and the legs are starting to come around.  I look forward to traveling down to Melbourne in a few days for my first race of the year.  I just hope that there isn’t too much rust on the old engine.  The race in Melbourne should be fun, it serves as the Australian Olympic Trials and will take place on a brand new track complex.  I look forward to toeing the line, and I am ready to get the racing year started!

Until next time,