Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Busy Week Indeed

This past week has been filled with holiday cheer, family, and more traveling than I know what to do with.  While it has been great to be able to spend a few days in Maine to catch up with friends and family, I am now ready to get back to the routine and serenity of training in the Upper Valley.  Despite an unexpected snowstorm which caused me to play things safe for once- I had to reorganize my training to avoid attempting a nine mile tempo run in the snow and black ice- the training has been going quite well.  The current heat wave that has engulfed the east coast has allowed me to train on numerous occasions hatless and even lead me to expose my forearms during one particularly sultry interval session.  The miles are starting to float effortless by and I am finally feeling like I am sculpting back into form.  But training aside, this week saw rise to many great holiday applause.  The week began with Christmas- always a joyous occasion, followed closely by my birthday.  Yes, another year older, I now step into the world of the ancients.  But I am sure this old body of mine has a few more years left, it might buckle and buck every now and again, but it’s a sturdy rig.  The week of cheer then culminated with an eventful New Year’s Eve in Warren, PA.  Why, you might ask, was I spending New Years there?  Well, it happened to be the site of my college housemate’s wedding.  The first of my Dartmouth mates to wed.  It was nice to be able to share the beginning of a new year and my friend’s new married life with the old group back under one roof.  The wedding went off with a blast- even ending with sparklers for all- and the bride looked as beautiful as ever.  It was good to be able to reunite with the people I lived with throughout my college years and the twenty-odd hours I spent in the great city of Warren flew by in whirlwind fashion.  So with the week winding down to mere hours remaining, I am happy to have been able to share in so much exhilaration.  I hope that the last week of 2011 is only a faint glimpse to the joys and excitement of 2012.  Happy New Year to all, and to all a goodnight.
Until next time,