Sunday, November 27, 2011

Winter Has Arrived

The other morning I awoke to a frightening sight.  Winter had arrived in the middle of the night, and with a thick blanket of soft wet snow covering everything in sight, the thought of a mid-week long run seemed both treacherous and daunting.  Bundled up in layer upon layer of warm clothes, I laced up my winter treads (thanks Saucony for the crampon"esque" running boots) and away I went.  Dodging snowplows and weaving through snowflakes, I was able to successfully complete my adventure.  But as I returned home, back to the warmth and serene climate of the house, the troubling afterthought entered my head- winter has arrived.  This will be my world for the next month before I escape to warmer weather.  My shoulders dropped in dread.  Luckily, after a warm shower and some food in the belly, I realized this isn't the case.  Eventually the snow ceased, compacted, and returned to an acceptable level.  The weather warmed (slightly) and things have returned to a adequate winter training climate.  But the storm made me fearful of what lies ahead and sent me off in a flutter to figure out my winter escape plans.  Hopefully the worse of the weather will hold off until after the new year, and until after I have already left for somewhere warm.

Until next time,